3 Tools You Need to Teach ELLs

*New* in ELL this week involves 3 valuable information sources:

  1. This is a super-short, but informative survey. It only takes only 3 minutes to complete (I know because two teachers volunteered to test it :). Check it out here.
  2. After you do that, check out this is a fun, 1 minute video featuring The 8 Steps for the Perfect Lesson for ELLs. The 8 Steps are to help you, as content teachers plan instruction.
  3. Last, you can look at the newly updated Collaboration & Data page for an explanation of the data groups, because when you’re ready to plan, you can get the coveted ELL Data Sheet at Using Data, CCSS, & NLAP.

You can use them all to reach ELLs at their Language Access point as you teach them at their Content Access point.


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