NYSESLAT’18 done…or is it??

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Special "thank you's" to everyone who supported ELLs during the NYSESLAT'18...from bucket notes to grading, to every encouragement in between! ELLs need much more support in classrooms. Here's why: Scoring take aways: The writing rubric used to score exams exceeds what ELLs do in ELA classrooms The R.A.C.E. response inculcated into written responses school-wide partially help ELLs respond to prompts that require opinions and personal anecdotes (which are graded down on the ELA exam!) Implication: More ELLs are "trapped" in ENL because they can not pass the NYSESLAT The longer ELLs are in ENL, the higher the chance of dropping out of school (infographic). This is a nation-wide issue affecting education and society.   To improve this inequity: I created a study group in Sep 2017 called "Preempting Long Term ELLs" with NYC Men…
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Teachers Aren’t Dumb

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What do you think about today's article in the New York Times, Teacher's Aren't Dumb ? This site on ENL Best Practices addresses the concern in the article that there ought to be information for teachers on the structure of English and analogies for Math. Besides being too simplistic (in my opinion), the article may want to imply that many aspects of teaching can't be put on a website and be instantly deployed in a classroom, for example: Relationships and Routines that take time to nurture and cultivate.
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