ELL Instruction at SHLA

What do ELLs do in ENL class with Mr. Lim, anyway?

We SWRL* and SWRL some more!

Short Version:

  1. Phonemic Awareness focusing on English language sounds
  2. Grammar Rules
  3. Vocabulary Building (Social and Academic word families)
  4. Modalities: Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening

Long Version:

*SWRL every day–that is, Speak, Write, Real, and Listen.

“The best readers and writers are the ones who have had the most practice. How much time do your students spend actually reading and writing?” Burkins and Yaris blogged after the 2013 International Reading Association Conference

Develop academic language proficiency by prompting students to collaborate, ask them to interact with text, and require that they write and communicate ideas clearly, precisely, and with supporting evidence.

⇒ These skills will strengthen over time, because of the consistency of the routines that you have put in place. (Dodge and Honigsfeld, Core Instructional Routines, Heinemann (2014)

English Language Learning Resources used in SHLA ENL

Assessment Data

  • State Level
    • NYS ELA and Math Exams
  • School-wide Level
    • MAP (for common core standards achievement)
    • Achieve 3000 (for reading lexile achievement)
    • Nonsense words (for phonics achievement)
    • Fountas & Pinnell Independent Reading level
    • Brigance (for mathematics achievement)

Teaching Resources

Specific to ENL Class, we use these teaching resources that have built-in assessments (some overlap function):

  • Phonics for Entering (EN) and Emerging (EM) ELLs
    • Nonsense words (for phonics)
    • Wilson WADE (for decoding and encoding skill level)
    • Wilson Just Words
  • Grammar Rules
    • BrainPopESL site
    • “More” ESL textbook series
  • Vocabulary Building
    • Social: From “More”, Words-Their-Way, and ENL class projects
    • Academic: From Content Teachers (link to the relevant pages)
    • Fontas & Pinnell Guided Reading (Leveled Literacy Intervention)
  • The 4 Modalities (L/S/R/W) are practiced in the above activities.