Resources for Teaching Science

NYC DoE 6-12 Science Scope & Sequence (version 2015-2016)

Targets of Measurement

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Resources for Science Instruction

American Museum of Natural History

Space Show & Exhibits

Plan a field trip (or series of trips) to the AMNH to see the Dark Universe.
Start with the Educator’s Page for that show (link). There you’ll find the Educator’s Guide and some student activities.  The museum also has DVDs of the show if you think you’d like to revisit it with students afterwards. Contact Rebecca Taylor ( to let her know and she can mail one to you if you’d like. Tell her Frederic Lim referred you (I took a couple of very interesting educator workshops over the summer 2017 at the AMNH. Sign up for these!)
For more Space Science content, you can visit the exhibits in the Rose Center (Hall of the Universe, Scales of the Universe, and the Cosmic Pathway) (link). This guide encompasses all three exhibits.  That site page also includes all the exhibit text from the Hall of the Universe if you click the links on the left from the link.

More Space Science Content

For more space science content, check out Astro Bulletins as well.


The Guide and activities can be found there. One caveat about Minerals though; they’re going to be closing that Hall for renovation this Fall, although they haven’t announced the date yet, so don’t pin all your hopes on it being available for a class trip (although as far as I know it will still be open this weekend).

The Hall of Planet Earth

You might want to try Hall of Planet Earth instead:
Educator Guides and More Resources (Curriculum Collection and OLogy Series) (link)
This Hall is more student-friendly than Minerals IMO anyway, and better supports Earth Science curriculum—and is closer to the Rose Center so it’s logistically easier as well!  That link also includes links to photos of all the specimens and models in the Hall, along with the label copy, which is a great resource as well.

Local Museums in NYC are for Learners

The American Museum of Natural History has curriculum information to supplement Science and ELA units and lessons. Their exhibit in “Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species” has an educator packet for Grades 6-8 that is all laid out and aligns with the NY Common Core.

A visit to the AMNH to learn interesting facts about the world would be a great way to develop creativity. Enter students’ essays for $1,000 worth of Science books!!

Exhibit until Jan 2016. Ms Joseph and Mr. Lim at the Teachers' Evening launch of exhibit at the ANMH on Sep 25, 2015 (Papal visit not a traffic issue!)
Exhibit until Jan 2016. Ms Joseph and Mr. Lim at the Teachers’ Evening launch of exhibit at the ANMH.